Every Night I Turn Into Fish To Visit My Family In The Sea – Popular Ghanaian Singer Reveals (Video)

Popular Ghanaian singer, Nyevile otherwise known as Born Star has revealed that she has supernatural powers that enable her to turn into fish at night to visit her family in the sea.

According to Born Star, she had this wonderful ability when she was a kid and it came as a result of the agreement her mother made with a fetish priest through whose effort her mother gave birth to her after an unsuccessful attempt to have a child.

She added that after being born, she was dedicated to the sea which carried her away for 4 straight days before returning her to the mother. It is after her return they realised she has the ability to turn into a fish.

Born Star made a shocking revelation saying that she does not sleep with lights turned off because things can get messy when lights go off when she is asleep.

Watch video below:

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