Eric Haze is an American craftsman, visual architect, and workmanship chief who has introduced independent presentations across the world remembering for urban communities like New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Paris and Tokyo.

He had first fostered an interest in quite a while as a 10-year-old when a companion of his dad, who used to possess a pop workmanship assortment, had assisted him with meeting prestigious conceptual expressionist and allegorical expressionist painter Elaine de Kooning. Elaine had arranged a representation of Eric and his more youthful sister and had likewise given a bunch of oil paints.

Pretty much a year after the fact, he had begun composing spray painting all over New York City. In 1974, in his initial adolescents, he had shown his works of art and drawings freely interestingly.

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Height 5 ft 8 in
Weight 77 kg
Year of Birth 1961
Eye Color Green
Spouse Rosie Perez

He had later joined a New York City aggregate known as The Soul Artists through which he had become one of the trailblazers who carried spray painting into the standard awareness.

He was the primary spray painting craftsman to mark his tag as a logo and had made one of the first streetwear clothing organizations in the hip-jump period.

Eric was included in the 1983 narrative Style Wars, a profoundly acclaimed film on hip-jump culture, spray painting, b-boying, and rapping. Numerous outtakes from that film had been subsequently housed at the Academy Film Archive, as a feature of the Tony Silver Collection.

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In 1986, he had set up a plan studio through which he used to made logos, collection covers, and personality plan, particularly for melodic gatherings and record marks.

In 1991, he had moved his plan studio to Los Angeles. There, he had established an eponymous apparel and extra brand, HAZE. By the mid-2000s, the brand had extended out of the United States and had sent off 3 independent lead stores in Tokyo. In 2005, he had gotten back to New York City and had set up another studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

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