Pastor renounce Christianity, shows off his 2 beautiful wives

Following Kevin Wesley’s renouncement of Christianity and giving up on Jesus Christ, he started practicing an ancient African religion. His newly-found faith was followed by two wives who seemed to give him purpose and drive.

Ex-pastor Who Renounced Christianity Shows Off His wives

Kevin Wesley and his favourite ladies. The father-of-six who also happens to be a grandpa told his fans through Instagram that his two women sometimes get jealous of one another.

Kevin who has been pictured multiple times embracing both ladies and loving up on them in public said any human is bound to get jealous. The dad also added he has a lot of love to give and lives with both ladies under one roof.

The ex-pastor claimed his women love and accept each another but are bound to disagree from time to time.

Ex-pastor Who Renounced Christianity Shows Off His wives

Kevin said being in a marriage that has two wives challenged him to think differently and be willing to care about other people’s feelings.

“When you can separate your emotions and old programming from new concepts, there can be something beautiful on the other side,” he wrote.

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Just when you thought the storm would take you out, the sun shines again and all that water that you thought would drown you becomes the very thing to wash away all the toxicity that surrounded you so you could truly be nourished. You realize that not everyone who says they want to grow with you actually has interest in supporting you, some mean to suck you dry and come up off your raw energy because they realize you are powerful. Just like the vines that choke out the tree, they appear to be growing together but actually the vine will eventually stop the growth and production of the tree, this is what is called a parasitic relationship. When the storm comes, know this, it may seem like its unbearable but its so your enemies will flee or be washed away because the storm, while it may seem to be over your head, isnt for you, it is for them, and these type of spiritual storms will indeed rid the energy suckers from your life but will never be too much for you to handle, if your roots are deep and you have self worth, theres no way you will be washed away with them. You will indeed Rise, and when you do, dont forget to shine! Rise☀️ #rise #riseup #riseandshine #riseandgrind

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