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“Koto Orun” Actor, Iya Gbonkan reveals how she finally killed the witches who tried to initiate her



Famous witch actress,  Margaret Bandele Olayinka also known as Iya Gbonkan who admitted to actorhow she was almost killed after acting as a dreaded witch in the movie “Koto Orun” and a sequel, “Koto Aye” that shut her into stardom also opened up on how she dealt with the witches who tried to initiate her into their coven, which eventually led to the witch’s death.

The thespian in the interview with “Japagogo TV” revealed that she used a turning stick (Oregun in Yoruba) to hit the witch while she approached her at 12 midnight bathing naked.

“After i told the witch i was not interested because I have a God. She kept on troubling me every 12 midnight. The night i dealt with her, i was bathing in the veranda, since i knew she would come at midnight, i already held a turning stick, as she approached me i asked; hey “Abangada” the deceitful bird. the cruel bird what do you want? As she wanted to peck me i hit her with the turning stick. the side where i hit her made her sick from then till her death.”


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