I shall not be having any children – M.I Abaga declares

Children have been said to be blessings from God, but to popular rapper, M.I Abaga, they are a source of trouble.

The rapper after watching a video on Twitter, took to social media to declare that he will never have children. Sleekgist reports.

M.I, said that the reason he will not be having any children is because they could be very troublesome and mischievous.

He made this known while responding  to a viral video shared by a Twitter user who released a video of a child pulling a Word War III prank on his dear parents who were frightened to death by his actions not knowing it was only a prank.

And the joke did not go down well with the veteran rapper, as he did not hesitate to state the reasons he would not be having children in his life time.

See video and his tweet below:

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