How Hardship, Drugs, Debts Allegedly Caused Chacha Eke’s Outburst (Details)

After Nollywood actress, Chacha Eke cried out about her marriage, new report claims that drug and hardship is the reason for her outburst.

SleekGist recalls that the Ebonyi state born mother of three shared a video on her Instagram page, revealing she’s tired of her 7 years old marriage to Nollywood director, Austin Faani and wants to move on.

The actress’ brother, Aik Eke, later took to social media to claim her marriage didn’t suffer domestic violence after the news spread like wild fire.

Chacha also did a video of herself lying in a hospital bed, claiming she has been diagnosed of bipolar disorder, a claim many Nigerians rubbished, as she was branded a liar and fingers pointed at her husband being the mastermind behind the video.

However, Aik Eke further took to his Instagram page to blast her husband, Austin, claiming he forced Chacha to do the video in order to save his name.

New reports claim that Chacha Eke’s outburst was as a result of alleged consumption of drugs.

The source close to the couple alleged that the actress was introduced into taking weed and other drugs by the husband and whenever she’s not “high” she breaks down which is allegedly the cause of her outburst.

The source further alleged that the couple has gone broke due to their new lifestyle and Chacha who is like the breadwinner of the home could not take it any longer.

“Who doesn’t know Chacha’s weed and drug story in Asaba? She needs to be taken for rehab as she is in a very bad state now. The couple are currently in so much debt of which most of the money are believed to have gone into their drug lifestyle. She is currently being “treated” by Austin’s doctor friend but trust me, she needs to be in a rehab Center. Apparently, she is frustrated whenever she isn’t high on drugs and bears her truth during such moments. I believe she wasn’t high on the day she came on SM to tell the world she is done. He (husband) introduced her into it, that’s why her brother called him out. Even the family knows”

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SleekGist recalls that months ago, Chacha shared video and photos of herself looking unkempt and tattered pointing to the allegations above.

Her photos cause uproar on social media as Nigerian were curious as to why she would look so unkempt, thin and malnourished.

Chacha Eke Faani

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