Ex-husband of Okoye’s sister speaks after being accused of stealing and infecting wife with STDs 

The ex-husband of Mary Okoye, sister of musicians, Peter and Paul Okoye, has spoken up after Mary made embarrassing accusations against him on Facebook

Earlier on, Mary Okoye announced the end of her marriage to Nollywood actor, Emma Emordi who she married in 2014. According to her, her ex-hubby infected her with STDs and stole from her during their union.

She said; “Sleeping around and stealing, so hes good for nothing and usrless to his family and the world.

“My dear, don’t take it personal ok… It is I of experience. Wait until you get married to a man who will once you with STDs, steal all you ever worked for. You catch him in bed with another woman. And then he will tell you he gained nothing from the marriage even after giving him a son, then you will know where I’m comi g from. I pray you never meet such”.

Reacting to the allegations, Emma wrote

”The man or woman you choose to be your partner affects everything in your life: your mental health, your peace of mind, the love inside of you, your happiness, how you get through tragedies, your success, how your children will be raised, and so much more.. choose very wisely… Soon a story will be told to the surprise of all man.. happy weekend my people…”.

See photos of the couple

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