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‘Don’t Stop Paying Tithes Even If You Lose Your Job’ – Kenneth Copeland (Video)



American Televangelist, Kenneth Copeland, dropped another wave of controversy in his word where he declared that Christians must pay tithes even if they lose their jobs amidst coronavirus outbreak.

The multimillionaire televangelist told  his listeners that  payment of their tithes must not be stopped even if they lose their jobs because of the raging virus.

American Televangelist, Kenneth Copeland

Kenneth Copeland

According to Kenneth Copeland, people’s source of income is not their job, but Jesus.

He said in part: “Fear of this coronavirus is faith in its ability to hurt you or kill you. The fear of What are we gonna do? I’m getting laid off at work!” Hey! Your job’s not your source. If it is, you’re in trouble. Jesus is your source! Whatever you do right now, don’t you stop tithing! Don’t you stop sowing offerings.”

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