Dayo Amusa mistakenly sent 50k instead of 5k to someone and the person spent 47k without permission 

Popular Yoruba movie actress, Dayo Amusa has shared her experience with someone she mistakenly sent money to more than what she asked and the person took the advantage to spend the extra cash.

Dayo Amusa

A friend asked for N2,000 and the 36 year old movie star stated that she wanted to send N5,000 but rather she sent N50,000 mistakenly.

Although pained, the TV personality who was born in Surulere, Lagos says the recipient has already spent the extra cash.

She wrote,

“Someone one I know just buzz me this morning for 2k to put food on the table for her kids. So I thought I could help with 5k but mistakenly Transfer 50k. I quickly put a call through her, she didn’t pick at first, eventually after She picked, I told her I want to send 5k but did N50k instead. She said she already spent the money and that she only has 3k left in her account…”

This same issue happen to comedian, Craze Clown, he mistakenly transferred N100,00 to a fan instead of N10,000.

He said after that the fan blocked him on social media when he tried to get the money back.

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