Cubana Chief Priest remembers woman who “saved” him in his university days, pays her a surprise visit (Photo)

Nigerian Celebrity Bar Man, Cubana Chief Priest, has paid a surprise visit to a woman and her children who he claimed to have saved him during his University days.

He made this known in a post he shared on his verified Instagram page today, August 10, 2020.

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According to him, the woman and her children owned and still own a provision with which they “saved” him while he was a university undergraduate, so, he decided to pay them a surprise visit today just to let them know they raised a superstar.

Although the self acclaimed celebrity barman did not make mention if he gave them any gift, cash or otherwise, but judging from her infectious smile in the the photograph, it is obvious in one way or the other, his surprise visit meant a lot to her.

Cubana Chief Priest wrote… “During My Uni Days This Provision Store Saved Me, This Mama N Her Sons Were There For Me For No Reason, They Genuinely Loved Me For Who I Am, They Never Knew I Was Gonna Be Who I Am Today, That’s Pure True Love, Had To Stop By To Let Mama Know They Raised A Super Star✨ Thank You MaMa I Dey For You For Life❤️ #CelebrityBarMan💫

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