EndSARS Protest: When You’re Expose to Tear Gas or Shot With Bullet, Do This Immediately.

A licensed medical practitioner has given some health tips on how to protesters can survive tear gas, stamped, and other violence during the #EndSARS Protest.

This thread would cover dealing with:

1) Exposure to tear gas

2) Blunt force to the body (blow, baton, kicks)

3) Penetrating injuries (gunshots, stab)

4) Crushed under a stampede

5) Hypoglycemia

6) Asthma

Feel free to demand information for how to deal with any medical event and I’d reply asap.

Exposure to tear gas

1. You may not see it coming but it would feel your eyes peppery all of a sudden.

2. How to deal?

a) Turn away from the source of gas and attempt to find fresh air asap

b) Don’t use your clothes to rub on your eyes. It has been exposed to the gas too.

c) Get water

d) Irrigate eyes with water continuously for 20 minutes as soon as you can get water

e) Don’t swallow, don’t spit, blow your nose

f) Wash your mouth with the water

g) If you’re wearing contacts, get them out asap. Ask for help to get it out.

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I) READ h)

j) Discard your clothes as soon as it is possible.

k) Shower under very cold water. It keeps prevents your skin pores from opening up to absorb the poisonous gas on your skin surface

l) Stay under the shower for 20 minutes

m) You’d need to soak and wash your clothes.





a) Don’t make the situation causing this worse. More force = likelihood of having more injuries.

b) Don’t become a victim in trying to help another victim. You’d be more useful to him or her when you’re intact.

c) Before caring for someone with an injury, protect yourself. Don’t touch anybody’s fluids. If you would help and the chances of touching one would occur, be properly gloved and covered

d) Before attending to this person, ask yourself: are they any other threats? If yes, eliminate.

e) If the person is talking normally, the airway is open. If they don’t talk, put your face next to theirs and look, listen, and feel for breathing on your face for 15 seconds

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f) If none of these or no breathing sounds or the chest doesn’t rise and fall, the person may not be breathing.

g) If the person is breathing, their heart is beating. Don’t waste time checking pulse esp if you don’t know how to.

Use that time to look if there’s any bleeding and check if the person’s hands feel cold. If yes, they may likely go into shock.


– If the airway is not open, see appendix A

-If a person can’t breathe, see appendix B

-If a person is bleeding, remove clothing on the wound. Don’t probe the wound. Don’t try to clean it. Just STOP THE BLEEDING with a Clean Cloth and apply firm pressure on it.

Wear gloves.

i) Immobilise the injured part. Don’t move the person until transport arrives. Stay and calm them down.


a) Read up this on how to deal with BLUNT FORCE especially the part that deals with bleeding.

b) Don’t try to probe the wound.

c) Arrange transportation asap.

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d) Calm this person down

e) The trauma team receiving the patient would deal with the rest.


a) After you’re pushed forward, there is a temporary pause. That pause is your chance to move.

b) Don’t move straight, move diagonally between groups of people. There’s always space between people.

c) Repeat b) until you are at the periphery.

d) If you are already on the floor, use your hands to guard yourself like a boxer.

e) Try not to panic too much, don’t scream. The panic and screams may be worse to deal with than the force from the crowd. Reassure yourself.



1) Have coke or glucose on you. It’s easier to find coke.

2) If you feel lightheaded or tired, find somewhere to sit and drink your coke.

3) Sit still until you feel better.

4) If you don’t feel better, arrange to see a doctor asap.

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