Elizabeth Banks wore probably the most memorable outfits during the Yearning Games franchise. Nonetheless, a portion of those outfits were a piece stodgy in the sweltering Atlanta sun that the cast was filming in. One of those beautiful yet stifling looks was the butterfly dress that Banks’ Effie Trinket wears during a part in The Yearning Games: Catching Fire.

Fortunately for Banks, she had a hand in keeping cool while filming, thanks to co-star Jennifer Lawrence.


“Catching Fire, I wore the butterfly dress, which was actually feathers, it was 110 degrees, and Jen Lawrence actually held the fan up into my dress,” Banks, 48, told Drew Barrymore on the Thursday episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, during Barrymore’s “favorite game,” Behind the Scenes.

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Barrymore was visibly excited by this goody of information from filming, telling Banks that Lawrence is genuinely a “sister” for doing that. Banks agreed, saying, “That’s a sister.”

This was far from the main hardship Banks experienced while in outfit filming The Yearning Games.

She told Ellen DeGeneres on an episode of her show in 2012 that she also had a really hard time just using the bathroom during breaks because of the fingernails she had to wear!

“The nails [were] the most awful part. I had these gigantic bejeweled nails. You can’t fix a button,” she said on the show. “I was unable to utilize my Blackberry.

The biggest issue was I was unable to go to the bathroom. I had like, ladies in waiting… and I would quit drinking water.

I really regretted bringing individuals to the bathroom with me.” She proceeded to say that her “ladies in waiting” had to not just hand her the tissue when she went to the bathroom, however they had to totally unfasten her outfit because her skirts had to go down rather than up.

“You would think you could climb it up however no — they were excessively close. I was unable to get them over these thighs. They all had to go down and up and unfasten and button.

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I had these undergarments holding it all together and extremely constricting… Great times, great times,” she said.

Banks’ outfits as Effie have endured for the long haul, however, and even Lil Nas X is by all accounts a fan. For his “Montero” video last year, he wore an outfit reminiscent of Effie.

Banks presented a photograph on Instagram of herself in outfit as the fashion-forward character, close to one of Lil Nas X in a similar steampunk Victorian look from the video.

“Honestly, excited. @lilnasx you do you #montero,” she wrote in the caption.

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