Elderly sex robot created with grey hair and wrinkles after 'special build' request

A sex robot manufacturer has unveiled a new design – an elderly model that was specially designed.

US company RealDoll shared a picture of the model on its Instagram page.

Unlike its other robots, it greying hair, wrinkled features, and is dressed in a blue checkered shirt.

The photo was uploaded with the caption: “Okay we get daddy issues, but this might be a whole new level…”

Company rep Brick Dollbanger told the Daily Star that it was a “special build” for a client.

One user responded: “If I could I would purchase one like this for my mom.”

The elderly RealDoll sex robot
The sex robots stands in stark contrast to RealDoll’s other designs

Another said: “If you have a bar in the house this guy needs to go at the end of it.”

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A third asked: “Was this just for s***s and giggles or a custom? Interesting either way.”

There is currently no research and development for an older sex doll or robot at RealDoll.

A line of sex robots inside RealDoll's factory
RealDoll creates some of the most realistic sex robots in the world

However, the Daily Star earlier revealed that the company is working on robots with three faces and multiple personalities.

Its elite sex robots are equipped with X-mode, an artificial intelligence system that allows them to carry out conversations and form their own personalities.

Brick earlier said: “X-Mode 2 is out right now, X-Mode 3 they’re working on.

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A male sex doll inside RealDoll's factory
Its workers design male and female workers inside its California factory

“This one will let you create a new personality in your device for a robot, which means you can have one robot with three interchangeable faces and create a separate personality for each face – and give it a different voice.”

Last October, sex robot manufacturers were urged to consider the needs of over-65s.

Nancy Jecker, professor of bioethics and humanities at the University of Washington School of Medicine, argues that the robots can help provide companionship, iNews reported.

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Dr Jecker wrote in the Journal of Medical Ethics: “We apply ageist attitudes and negative stereotypes to older adults.

“We assume they’re too old to indulge in sex and think that older adults having interest in sex is weird or dirty.

“We have similar attitudes toward people with disabilities, where most research has focused on protecting them from able-bodied sexual predators instead of considering their sexual needs and desires as human beings.”

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