An incredibly eerie photo of a missing 18-year-old girl standing alone on a controversial highway dubbed “death road” captured the last moment she was seen alive before vanishing.

The heartbroken family of Debanhi Escobar have been desperately trying to find their daughter since she disappeared on April 9, 2022.

Debanhi, from Mexico, had been partying with two of her friends when it’s believed the trio got into an argument.

It is understood that her friends organised an off-duty rideshare driver, who knew all three girls, to pick her up and take her home from the city of Escobedo, Neuvo Leon.

Debanhi was kicked out of her lift home in the early hours of the morning

However, a “heated discussion” between the teen and the driver led to him leaving her on the side of the Monterrey – Nuevo Laredo highway, Daily Mail reported.

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Locals have eerily labelled the highway “death road” following the high number of missing people reported in the area.

The driver snapped the creepy picture of Debanhi and sent it to her friends before driving off at 5am.

It was confirmed by the teen’s family that the legitimacy of the photo was real, who reported the teen missing the next morning.

“On April 8, Debanhi went to a farm near the PGR, along with two friends, who returned to her house without taking Debanhi, that is, they left her alone in the farm,” her family wrote on Ms Escobar’s Instagram.

Debanhi's family have been pleading the public to share her photo across social media
Debanhi’s family have been pleading the public to share her photo across social media

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“Her friends say that they called a ‘trusted contact’ to pick her up from the place (said ‘contact’ works on Uber / DiDi-type travel platforms, but the work that was done was outside the platform).

“The photograph was taken by the ‘contact’ shortly before the abandonment and sent to Debanhi’s friends.”

Police have since arrested the driver for possession of drugs and questioned him over the missing teen’s whereabouts.

He has not been charged over he disappearance.

Debanhi was last seen in high black trousers, a white top and black Converse.

The 18-year-old’s family have continued to plead with the public to share her photo around social media in the hope that someone will come forward with information.

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