In what sounds like a plot to a horror movie, five male university students were plied with booze, stripped naked and dumped in the middle of nowhere.

As part of a so-called hazing ritual, the nude friends were attacked and held hostage by a gun-wielding maniac, jacked up on drugs on March 23, 2020.

The Charles Sturt University students were abandoned on the outskirts of Wagga Wagga, New South Wales in Australia nearly six miles from their student housing in the middle of the night.

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Stripped of their phones and clothes after a heavy session, they were ordered to make their way back home as part of a university hazing ritual known as the ‘Mott Walk’, a New South Wales district court was told.

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The naked and drunk lads were left on the side of the road, 9 kilometres away from their student accommodation

The young men were making their way back to student housing when they were accosted by Carl Derek Little, 30, who had loaded up on heroin and meth. reports that Little threatened the lads with a gun telling them to get on their knees.

In an attempt to reason with him, one student said: “You’re not going to shoot us. You’re not going to shoot (us) here on the side of the road on a public road. That’s just not going to happen.”

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The drug-fuelled thug then hit the student on the head with the gun so hard he fell to his knees. When the young man stood back up, Little then hit him again on the head with a log.

Little held four of the men captive for 35 minutes, making them get on their knees while hitting them continually with a piece of wood with blows so hard the log broke. He also threatened to kneecap the lads.

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The fifth student was knocked unconscious with a hit to the head.

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The incident left the young men shaken and covered in blood, and upon making their way back to campus, they were taken to hospital.

The court found Little guilty of detaining four university students with the intention of obtaining psychological gratification and causing them actual bodily harm, as well as recklessly wounding the fifth student and was sentenced to nine years and nine months in jail.


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