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Don’t Buy A Fake Phone, Here Is How To Identify An Original Phone



In this world of new technology, we always find ourselves purchasing the technical devices in order to make our works easier as well as advancing out communication.

However, there are fraudulent people who produce counterfeit devices that gives the user bad experiences with them.


Many people have sworn to never buy smartphone after being deceived and given counterfeit phones. In this article I will teach you how to identify an original phone. Please read up to the end to understand better.

Check the battery life
Just behind the the box of the phone you want to buy, there is a written information about the phone which includes the battery life. It is indicated in mAh which means milliamps hour. A good phone should be 3500mAh which means a phone can go for up to 2days with a single charge.

Check the storage information
On the box still, the storage information is indicated. This is in two types. Random access memory (RAM) and read only memory.

A good phone should have 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM or more. RAM is the memory used by the phone eg while surfing the internet. A phone with low RAM would be slow in internet connection and performing tasks.

ROM memory is where you store your files like Photos, videos, music and others.

Check the processor
Phone processor affects the speed of the phone in data connection and performing tasks. A phone that hangs or stays for long before opening an app could be having processor problems. This speed is calculated in Gigahertz (GHz) A good phone should not have lower than 1.5 Gigahertz speed.

The camera of a good phone should range between 8-12Mp. It should also have an aperture of f/2.0 or below.

Conduct IMEI Configuration
All the above information is found on the box of the new phone. The next step now is to take the phones IMEI code which is also written on the cover. You can also dial *#06# on the phone to check it’s IMEI code. Go to Google and search for IMEI checker.

Visit the web and type the IMEI number. The web will give you all the information about the phone and tell you whether it has been in use before. It will also display the colour of the phone. If the colour is different then the phone is a counterfeit.

After confirming that, now get the phone itself and go to the settings and tap “About phone” the handset will give you same information as that in the web. If they differ, then the phone is a counterfeit.