Nature itself is beautiful .Natural always sounds better, but is there really a benefit to using natural soaps over conventional soaps? The short answer is usually yes! In general, natural soaps don’t contain the artificial, super-harsh ingredients lurking in the mass-produced soaps you might find from big companies. Instead, they use natural ingredients, base oils (like coconut oil, avocado oil, and shea butter), essential oils, and plant extracts to provide you with a satisfying clean.


Plus, if you use natural bar soaps you’re not only getting the best ingredients for your hair, body, and face but also helping the environment by reducing your plastic waste. Bottles of body wash and shampoo are full of plastic and are contributing to our plastic pollution crisis. With bar soaps, it’s possible to have good hygiene without all of the plastic. Sounds amazing, right?

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The top ingredients to avoid when it comes to bar soaps aren’t always easy to find in an ingredient list because they tend to go by specific product or chemical names. Typically, artificial fragrances, parabens, sodium sulfates, and triclosan are the worst ingredients in bar soap to date. Think of natural bar soap.

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