A spearfisher has filmed the terrifying moment he was dragged through the water by a gigantic sea monster after it stole his catch.

Samuel Wardner, better known as @blackpointoutdoor on TikTok, shared the footage just four days ago and it has already been watched more than 8 million times.

The clip starts with Samuel swimming among a shoal of fish. He lines up his spear when he spots the catch he wants and fires it with perfect precision.

But his joy at spearing the fish soon turns to terror when an ominous shape emerges from the darkness.

The creature chomps down on Samuel’s catch as the diver tries to wrestle it away.

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Samuel spearing his fish before the creature emerged

Eventually, the fish was taken and Samuel left empty-handed – although the thrill of the experience left him more than happy as he shrieked with delight when returning to his boat.

It turned out the creature was an Atlantic goliath grouper, one of the largest species of bony fish on the planet.

Capable of growing to lengths of more than 2 metres, the monster fish have also been known to eat sharks in one gulp.

And, unsurprisingly, viewers were absolutely petrified by what they witnessed.

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The huge goliath grouper appearing out of nowhere
The huge goliath grouper appeared out of nowhere

Stock image of goliath grouper
Goliath groupers can grow to more than 2 metres in length

“Nah I would have cut the line man,” one wrote.

Another commented: “Would be so spooked to get the line wrapped around something and get pulled deep.”

And a third said: “Dude you just caught one of the biggest fish ever. They’re known as goliath groupers and their mouths open to 3x their body meaning they eat sharks.

It’s not the first time a clip of a Goliath grouper fish has gone viral.

Back in 2019, footage of a great white shark battling the sea monster stunned the internet.

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And another clip emerged back in 2016 showed a man getting sucked underwater by the fish.

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