Dineo Ranaka And Sol Phenduka Snub Allegations Of Sol Phenduka’s Abuse On Radio

Dineo Ranaka and Sol Phenduka have both decided not to act on viral allegations from netizens.

Sol raises his hand so he can speak on Kaya 959. [Image: Screenshot from the video]

Kaya 959 presenters, Dineo Ranaka and Sol Phenduka seem to be snubbing social media allegations that Sol is being abused on the radio by his female co-host Dineo who is actively trying to outshine him.

They both have not yet responded or addressed any of the ongoing protests on social media.

This comes after Kaya 959 listeners and social media users observed uncomfortable interactions between the two presenters.

On one occasion, Sol is failing to speak as Dineo seems to be dominating the radio time and not giving Sol a chance to speak.

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Sleuths have also claimed that on his first day on the job, Sol was sent by Dineo to buy McDonald’s while the show was live.

These are some of many instances noted by social media users who claim Sol is not being given a chance to shine on the radio due to Dineo’s dominance on their show.

A few months ago, Sol Phenduka announced he was branching out from the famed Podcast and Chill with MacG to also be on the radio at Kaya 959.

So far, his fans seem to be against his idea to branch out from their beloved podcast where they claim he is being ill-treated.

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iHarare has been made aware of an open letter written to Kaya 959 by one listener who is concerned about “unacceptable and toxic behaviour” by Dineo towards Sol.

See the letter below;


However, Sol does not seem moved by all these reports by his concerned fans.

Neither does Dineo.

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