Diep City Actress Ncebakazi Pilingane ‘Eve’ Speaks On How She Was Once Raped

Diep City Actress Ncebakazi Pilingane ‘Eve’ Speaks On How She Was Once Raped

Ncebakazi Pilingane (Photo Credit: Daily Sun)


Mzansi Magic’s Diep City actress Ncebakazi Pilingane who plays the role of Eve on the telenovela recently opened up about her rape ordeal.

Narrating her horrendous ordeal, Ncebakazi revealed that she was once raped by her friend’s boyfriend. She claims she didn’t open a case against him because she didn’t want to add more stress upon herself. She said;

“We were at a party and the agreement was I’d sleep alone in my boyfriend’s room. But my friend’s boyfriend raped me in the early hours of the morning. I did not open a case because I didn’t want the back and forth court process. I also knew it was going to drag and add more stress to me. So after the rape ordeal, I woke up and went to my place. When I came back, I beat him up so badly. It was messy, but I taught him a hard lesson.”

After the rape ordeal, Ncebakazi reveals that she became depressed and suicidal. She said all the life’s hardships and rape ordeal weighed heavily on her, to the extent that all she wanted to do was die.

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The Daily Sun reports that Ncebakazi was once shot at four times after she went out in the middle of the night hoping to get shot and killed.

“My family couldn’t understand that I was depressed. That’s when I decided to destroy myself. I knew I was talented and wanted to be an actress, but the industry wasn’t opening up for me.

“As a result, I became an alcoholic. I’d walk in the middle of the night all alone so I could get shot and killed, but I survived. At some point, I was shot at four times, but none of the bullets hit me. I just wanted to die but had no courage to commit suicide. I thought it’d be better if someone else did it for me,” she said.

She claims Diep City saved her life.

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