Did You Know DJ Zinhle Was Once A Tomboy

Did You Know DJ Zinhle Was Once A Tomboy

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We know its hard to believe, that our very own, DJ Zinhle was once a tomboy but it is true.

Veteran house music DJ Oskido just confirmed it during an interview on Mac G’s Podcast and Chill.

Reminiscing about the good old days when they used to work together, Oskido revealed that Dj Zinhle was more of a tomboy. He said DJ Zinhle never used to like or wear make up.

Oskido went on to blame, Dj Zinhle baby daddy AKA for changing her. He claims Zinhle started to wear make up and look more of a girly girl when she met AKA.

“She was a tomboy that one. Zinhle only started putting makeup now. I think AKA is the one…I blame AKA, Zinhle did not used to like make-up. When she was dating AKA, suddenly she had a make up artist, how come,” said Oskido.

DJ Zinhle and DJ Oskido have been buddies since forever. Apparently, before she became one of the best female DJ’s in Africa, she used to work as a promoter for SAB. Whilst working there she used to book Oskido to play at events.

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When she quit her job and wanted to venture into becoming a Dj, she sought advice from Oskido.

Oskido claims that when Zinhle approached him seeking guidance, he just advised her to just follow her dreams, and so she did, and the rest became history.

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