Dhindora Episode 7 Review Bhuvan Bam Web Series Episode 8 Release Date & Spoilers


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Hey! hope you all are watching Bhuvan Bam’s created Dhindora. Well, there is no doubt that the Youtuber has been managing the suspense of the story from the very first episode of the show and saying this just can’t be bad that all the episodes set the level of suspense on another note but in the latest episode of the show called “Toota Ek Tara” the story has just changed quickly and suddenly the sadness has entered the family once again but this time something has happened everyone was worried of.

Dhindora Episode 7 Review Bhuvan Bam Web Series Episode 8 Release Date & Spoilers

Well, talking about the previous episode so in the 6th episode of Dhindora, finally Titu Mama along with Bencho and fameer leaves to collect the prove of Titu’s innocence and therefore the trio went to Mr. Hola’s place where the trio nabbed Hola and make him commit what he has done. Then Titu comes home back and shows the confession of Hola to his DIDI aka Janki Devi and the scenes gets sorted. However, Titu just after showing the clip goes to Ma Ki Chu the gangster just to show some impression on him and the episode ends.

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Dhindora Episode 7 Review

The episode “Toota Ek Tara” begins with Bablu inside the room and Bhuvan standing outside the room. Bhuvan gets to know about Bablu’s reality that he was just pretending to have a memory loss but in reality, there was nothing like this. When Bhuvan asks him that why he did all the drama, so a flashback comes where Bablu tells him that he didn’t lose his memory but he was just wanted to check his family but as soon as he gets to know that they did not get any 11 Crore, he gets worried that what to do and when he comes out of the washroom he sees everyone has got to know about the lottery.

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Fb Ends, Bhuvan insists on his father accepting his mistake and soon everyone gets to know about the drama that Bablu was doing. Well, now everyone has got to know that they didn’t get any lottery and this has brought a wave of sadness among them. On the other side, Tara has got her invitation from London. Now in this situation watching this is going to be so amazing that how the family will tackle all the problems and the most interesting thing to watch will become that how Titu Mama will face the situation because he has promised Maa Ki Chu to give all the money and that too with the complete interst. Stay tuned and share your opinion on the story.

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