Demonic Transformation: Meet Micheal Faro, The Man Who Wants To Become Satan On Earth (Pictures).

Tattoo artist and an extreme body modification artist, 44 years old, Brazilian named Michael Faro Do Prado, is popularly regarded as the Human Satan because of his extreme looks and creed to look like a sinister creature.

In his latest body modifications, he has cut off his nose and implanted horns into his head as he proudly shows his lastest developments off. His body covered with tattoos and earrings has been an attraction for some and condemnation by others who believe he is misleading teenagers and youths from the right path.

According to him, he has been undergoing series of procedures to achieve this sinister creature look and the lastest development include; shaping his teeth into arches, removing his nose, implanting horns into his head and getting more colourful tattoos.

Micheal is a married man and he revealed that his wife has been of great help in helping him achieve his new look. According to record, he is the third person in the world to have completely removed his nose.

He described his tattoo work as black work and his tattoos as brutal which mean getting large painful types of tattoos where you ink large part of your body. He also said he has high pain tolerance and will keep enduring the discomfort and pain to achieve his desired look.


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