Deadly cartel dump body alongside message ‘the human hunt has just begun’

A lethal cartel has left dismembered human remains and a narco sign as a threat on a highway in the centre of one of Mexico’s cities.

Police were alerted on January 23 after civilians found the body and a sign in the city of Acapulco, a beach resort city on Mexico’s Pacific coast.

The city lies within the southeastern region of the state of Guerrero.

On arrival, officers found a dismembered human body near a taxi rank with multiple narco messages in various neon colours surrounding the body.

One sinister message says: “Stop supporting Panadero. The only ones in charge here will be the absolute Rusos. The human hunt has just begun.”

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The message reads: “Stop supporting Panadero. The only ones in charge here will be the absolute Rusos. The human hunt has just begun.”

The “Panadero” being referenced in the message likely refers to Marcos Parra de Jesús also called “El Panadero” who is a cartel plaza boss from the group Cartel Independiente de Acapulco (CIDA).

El Panadero reportedly controls the Acapulco neighborhood of La Venta, Mexico.

The lethal message had been signed off by the “Rusos” who are known to be men who belong to a drug cartel called the Beltran Leyva Organization (BLO) that is currently led by Jesús Orlando Rodríguez who goes by “El Ruso 2”.

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The rivalry between the two killer cartel groups dates back a couple of years.

In December 2019, the CIDA emerged after a split occurred within the BLO when a member had been gunned down, leading the BLO to split between two cartel leaders.

The region’s governor believed a protest was organised by El Panadero

In August 2018, cartel members from El Panadero’s group attacked state police officers, leaving five of the officers injured.

There was a major law enforcement crackdown and multiple raids targeting organized crime in response.

A week later, over 150 residents of the La Venta neighbourhood on Mexico’s gulf coast protested by standing on the main highway that tourists use to access the resorts, physically blocking traffic.

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The governor of the region said that the demonstration was actually a narco-blockade organized by El Panadero.

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