“Dbanj’s team pressured Seyitan into recanting rape allegation” – Dorcas Shola Fapson

Nigerian actress and presenter, Dorcas Shola Sapson has claimed that “missing” Seyitan Babatayo who recently accused Nigerian singer, D’banj of raping two years ago, was pressured into recanting the allegation.

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The “missing” Seyitan Eunice Babatayo who accused D’banj of rape took to social media to promote the singer song – to the surprise of many Nigerians.

While the Police are being called out to investigate the whereabouts of Seyitan, she shared a picture of D’banj on her page and snippet of his upcoming song, “Stress Free”.

She captioned the picture;

To be very honest this was never our intention, we love you guys,let’s leave our life stress free #StressByDbanj Blue heart”

Amidst the whole confusion, Dorcas Shola Fapson has come out to claim that D’banj’s team pressured her into recanting her allegation.

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She also called out Glee Hotel (where the incident allegedly occurred), urging them to release CCTV footage from that day.

She wrote;

“I just spoke to @seyitannn_ . She’s ok now. She was arrested and had all her things seized & left in a cell with criminals. D’banj’ team pressured her into those tweets & threatened to leave her in prison if she didn’t recant the allegation.

D’banj told Seyitan that he has paid his lawyers 25m & she doesn’t stand a chance against him.

THE POOR GIRLIS SCARED & obviously doesn’t have the money/resources to fight this!

WE CANNOT ALLOW MONEY/POWER/STATUS to silence @seyitannn_!!!!

@iamdbanj you are foul & disgusting. I knew that from our ‘encounter’ in LA. But this?? No.

RIGHT IS RIGHT. WRONG IS WRONG! Celebrity or not! Fuvk all that!


LASTLY, for the people telling me “stay out of it” blah blah blah. I pray nothing like this happens to you, or someone you care about before you care.”


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