Reacting to the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate Tuesday night, Trevor Noah declared that “no one in America is above the law…except corporations and rich people and police and celebrities sometimes—but aside from them, nobody is above the law!”

But that being said, The Daily Show host added, “Even the perception that the Justice Department is being used to go after your political opponents could erode people’s trust in government.” So, he said, “The only thing we can do is wait and see how the investigation unfolds. Or, if you’re Fox News, you can just freak out right now.”

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With that, Noah cut to an epic montage of the most unhinged commentary on Fox and other conservative media outlets over the past 24 hours, from Laura Ingraham claiming that “the real target of this investigation” is her viewers to Dan Bongino calling the raid “Third World bullshit.”

“First of all, as someone from the Third World, maybe leave us out of your shit for once,” the South African comedian shot back. “My man, at what point do you realize it’s happening here? It’s you!”

As for “Super Karen” Ingraham, Noah replied, “If the FBI is going to go after Trump for stealing classified documents from the White House, then what’s to stop them from going after you when you steal classified documents from the White House? Is that the country we want to live in, when anyone can be investigated just for the crime of doing crimes?! I don’t think so!”

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In the end, the host said he was amazed at “how quickly MAGA world turns on law enforcement—and America as a whole—whenever it suits them,” including Marjorie Taylor Greene posting an upside-down American flag on Twitter. “What happened to, ‘If you don’t like what’s happening in America, why don’t you just leave?’”

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