Dad moves daughter out of room after chilling discovery on baby monitor at night

A new dad was left “freaked out” when he and his wife noticed an eerie orb circling around their newborn daughter’s crib at night.

Reddit user avsk117 posted the clip onto a ghost sub-reddit and it has already received dozens of upvotes.

The night vision-equipped camera reveals a ghost-like object floating in the air above the baby.

It is seen going slowly around in a circular motion around the crib.

The user called it a “spirit orb” and wrote in the post: “We both got very paranoid and ended up taking our daughter out.

“The orb remained circling the crib for about 5 more mins then disappeared for the rest of the night.”

What makes it even spookier is when he tried to capture the orb on his phone, it did not appear on his camera.

He added in the comments: “Well the baby monitor was capturing it on night vision mode … I tried recording with my iPhone but it didn’t pick up anything.

“I was blowing in basically every direction of the crib since I was following its path on the monitor.

“With how much movement I made in the air there’s no way it would have stayed the same speed and location.”

Viewers tried to debunk the clip as some said it could be just a bug or dust.

But the father denied it and said it wouldn’t “change directions” no matter how he tried to make it go away.

Some said it could be a spirit orb and it is not harmful to humans.

“If this is a legitimate orb,” one said. “It’s just a caring loved one that has passed on. Nothing bad. I wouldn’t be afraid.”

Another viewer, who seemed to have similar experience before, wrote: “We used to have orbs in my daughter’s room all the time I could see through the monitor.

“We found they were around more when she was sick.”


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