Popular Celebrity Barman, Cubana Chiefpriest has allegedly pulled out of Cubana group and is now promoting and reportedly luring clients of former lounge, Cubana Owerri to his new sole-owned lounge known as De Angels Owerri.

According to Gistlover, Cubana who was in charge of Cubana Owerri for a long time before quiting has been luring people  to his own lounge.

Last week a show was held in Cubana Owerri and Cubana Chief priest allegedly did not fully participate in the event or the preparations.
He was alleged to have even informed his boss, Obi Cubana, that he does not want to be a member of Cubana group anymore as he has pulled out.

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This is coming after he allegedly assaulted a lady in an event in their Owerri branch on the 23rd August, which didn’t go down well with the group’s Chairman, Obi Cubana. According to reports, Chiefpriest ended up insulting his boss by pouring drinks on him and then walking out on him which has reportedly happened severally and this time the boss decided to take it personal and as at 12am yesterday he unfollowed Chiefpriest and legal actions are being put in place against the him.

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