A Malaysian man has been slammed for allegedly painting this monkey red and tying it up in a cage.

The incident, which reportedly took place in an undetermined arise of Malaysia, was shared in footage online by the Malaysia Animal Association, who were outraged by the ‘act of cruelty.’

Later footage showed the monkey being released back into the wild by the unnamed man while apparently still covered in red paint.

They said: “Painting monkeys are becoming more and more popular in this country. Every year, several cases of this tyranny are reported.

“The perpetrator who painted the monkey did not think about the life and safety of this primate when faced with its colony later.

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The man painted the monkey red and tied it to a cage

“He will be injured and may even be killed as a result of the attack of its colony who no longer recognises their painted friend.”

PETA Vice President Mimi Bekhechi also condemned the actions of the man and claims the perpetrator likely sent the animal to its death as it will be unable to hide from predators.

She said: “Drenching a monkey in paint is an appalling act of cruelty to animals, and if not quickly found and treated, this monkey may be poisoned by or have a fatal allergic reaction to the paint.

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man releasing monkey
The unnamed man released the monkey back into the wild – still painted red

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“In addition to being a glaring target for predatory animals, whoever set him free, even if they had the best of intentions, likely sent him to his death.

“It’s imperative for people who witness cruelty to animals to report it urgently to authorities to ensure that the victims receive the necessary specialist care and that the perpetrators are caught and dealt with to the fullest extent of the law before they subject any other animals to a similarly dreadful fate.”

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It is currently unclear if the incident is being investigated by the local authorities.

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