Coronavirus: Zimbabwe Ready To Collect First Cargo Of Vaccine

After the cargo plane landed, Zimbabwe has received its first batch of COVID-19 vaccines, meanwhile, on Monday President Emmerson Mnangagwa posted some pictures photos of a cargo plane with COVID-19 vaccines on his social media page announcing the arrival of the plane in the country.

He also announced the country will start the COVID-19 vaccination this week.

“The first batch of vaccines for Zimbabwe has been successfully delivered. We start vaccinating Zimbabweans this week!

“The faster our country is protected against this virus, the faster Zimbabwe’s economy can flourish,” Mnangagwa tweeted.

The country’s ministry of health has mentioned in a campaign that “The vaccine will immediately be distributed to all provinces and districts across the country.”

The vaccination program begins next week after the country takes delivery of the first batch of Covid-19 vaccines,” it added.

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