Comediennes Etinosa, Real Warri Pikin At War Over Feminism

After popular Nigerian comedienne Real Warri Pikin sparked outrage on social media by denouncing males who get away with their misdeeds in and out of marriage, another celebrity, Etinosa, has confronted her.

It was reported that Etinosa got into the fray after Real Warri Pikin had in a post on her Instagram handle on Tuesday, August 10, 2021 lamented society’s accommodation of male misdeeds with the assertion that marriage is a horror movie.

According to the video, she said;

“Men must always be men…he is a boy…boys must always be boys…this has caused the suffering of women in this horror movie called marriage….the society has normalized bad characters from men…society has even refused to train the upcoming men…”.

While  SLEEKGIST had reported mixed reactions to her claim especially against the background of her portrayal of having a good marriage, Etinosa has intervened wondering why feminism, as it is, should be dragged into marriage as was done by Real Warri Pikin.

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Etinosa who has been twice married and is reportedly separated took to her Instagram page @etinosaofficial to critic Real Warri Pikin saying:

“A lot of Nigerians have to sit down, calm down and understand some western things before they jump on the bandwagon. This feminism topic Don tire me. Every day, new definition. We have even defined it more than the westerners. Lol, now they have dragged marriage into it”.

In a bid to avoid the comments of people from being seen by the public, Etinosa posted her comment on her Instagram status where the comments will only be seen by her and the post will disappear after 24 hours.


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