Chrisean Rock rose to unmistakable quality in the wake of showing up in Blueface’s world program “Blue Young ladies Club.” For an extensive stretch, she was known as Blueface’s sweetheart. She started her vocation as a vocalist, and a few of her music recordings highlighted her missing a tooth. Accordingly, various worries have been raised about her tooth and what has been going on with her. The inquiry is as yet being posed to out in the open, so we should figure out why.

She lost a tooth in a battle prior to starting her profession as a performer She lost a tooth in a battle prior to starting her vocation as a performer. Subsequently, she overlooked it for a significant stretch, and she was displayed in a music video without a front tooth.

Chrisean said that she got into a contention with Blueface’s ex, who is additionally the mother of his kid. Rock had a blue ink tattoo of Blueface all over; she jotted his real name, which was dubious; and they were exhorted not to be seen together openly. At the point when his ex found she had a tattoo of his name, they battled, and Rock crushed her head on the ground, losing a front tooth.

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After the fight, rapper Blueface gave her cash to fix her teeth, however Rock had an inner self and wouldn’t mend her tooth. For some time, she was pleased; she didn’t fix her tooth and made a music video with a hole in her teeth.

Individuals started to see her absence of a tooth as she came to public consideration; she was savaged and gotten brutal remarks about her tooth. She at last selected to get a tooth fixed, and she appeared to be unique with and without a tooth. In this way, she was fairly unique before fame; she is presently totally not the same as when she recorded her most memorable rap.

How Chrisean Rock lost her front tooth in a battle with Blueface’s ex Chrisean supplanted missing teeth following a squabble with his sweetheart’s ex; she had lost her tooth for quite a while and had selected not to reestablish it for quite a while. Yet, when individuals started examining her regarding her missing teeth and she turned into a savage, she decided to get her tooth fixed. She had another tooth embedded in her gums with Blueface’s face on it; on July 9, 2022, she delivered a video on Instagram about retouching her teeth.

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Another Look: Chrisean Rock’s change in the wake of getting her tooth fixed Up until this point this year, she has recently remedied her teeth; she has not done anything to her face. Individuals have seen an adjustment of her, and they accept she has done something to her face.

Be that as it may, unfortunately, she hasn’t done anything to her face till now; she hasn’t had any a medical procedure to fundamentally impact the manner in which it looks. She additionally said that she is satisfied with the resemblance of Blueface she made on her teeth; it is wonderful.

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Chrisean Rock’s total assets As per Sources, the total assets of a vocalist and virtual entertainment figure in the ongoing year is $2 million. Chrisean’s chief type of revenue is her occupation as a performer; she has recorded many notable structures.

She may likewise have extra sources, for example, business and ventures, that she has not freely unveiled. There hasn’t been a lot of data in regards to her profit; she presently can’t seem to uncover them to people in general.

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