Chinese scientists have claimed they are one step ahead of the world when it comes to harvesting solar energy directly from the sun in space.

Once this technology is fully evolved it could aid humanity in the climate crisis by theoretically providing the earth with unlimited clean energy directly from the sun.

Researchers at Xidian University in North China now claim they have successfully completed a test which is ‘the world’s first full-link and full-system ground test system for space-based solar power.’

According to the scientists, the test was carried out via the construction of a 246ft high steel structure which contained subsystems for testing the space-based solar power concept.

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The experiment conducted in China was the first of its kind

SpaceNews reports that the apparatus was designed to collect solar energy and convert it into direct current electricity.

This electricity is then transmitted via microwaves up to a distance of 55 meters.

But although this test represents a pioneering world’s first effort with such technology, experts have stressed the range the device can transmit means full use in space is a while off yet.

Indeed, the leader of the tests Chinese expert Duan Baoyan stressed that although their research was currently a ‘hot spot in the world’, rolling out workable space-based solar power would take ‘generations.’

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He said: “The research on space solar power is currently a hot spot in the world.

“To use an analogy, heaven and earth transmission is like common prosperity.

“That is the ultimate goal and must take many years and many people to achieve it, but we can start working on it now and start from where it is most likely to be achieved.”

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