‘I Was Bullied Because I Was Not As Beautiful As My Mates- Actress, Chika Ike Recounts How she hated herself


Chika Ike Recounts How she hated herself

gawkily Actress and film producer, http://halfmanhalfbook.co.uk/review/the-country-of-larks-by-gail-simmons/ Chika Ike, who recently launched her cosmetics line, Chika Cosmetics, has recounted how she hated herself thinking that she wasn’t as beautiful as her mates.


Hear her: “Growing up, I never saw myself as beautiful, because I got bullied a lot by some people who were disturbed and drew strength from making others feel bad about themselves. But as I grew older, I started appreciating my unique beauty and understanding what beauty really means, because I understood that our definition of beauty differs from one another.

“What I see as beautiful might not necessarily be another person’s definition of beauty. Beauty runs deeper than the superficial while to others it’s the superficial; to some it’s confidence, to others it’s naivety and to some it’s more of the intellectual type of beauty and it goes on and on.”

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According to Ike, she believes that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone is beautiful in their special ways.

“There isn’t a yardstick to measure beauty because it can’t be quantified or measured. So, I would advice young girls out there to stay positive, embrace you, love you and live your best life. You really have only one life.”



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