In the latest episode of Nima Denzongpa, we have watched that Manya arrived at Mandap along with her sisters and Maaji says she is wearing what her servant mother offered her. Suresh along with Nima then performs the ‘Gath Bandhan’ ritual. Nima reminisces Manya’s childhood days and gets emotional Manya smiles and Paras holds her hand. Manya and Paras take vows around the fire. Paras fills Manali’s hairline Manya’s smiles, Paras then puts Manglasutra. The priest then says that they both are married now. Manya and Paras take the blessings of their elder. Get more information on Nima Denzongpa written update.

Check Nima Denzongpa Written Update Of 2nd Feb 2022: Manya And Paras Get Married

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Manya hugs her sister and her mother, Nima says you made me proud today. Maaji then taunts Nima and appreciates her for saving her name. Nima says that she is giving my daughter to you and leave while crying. Suresh asks Tulika why did she do this, Sunita says that Tulika is greedy. Tulika replies no need to create any kind of scene. Tulika says that she did this because she hadn’t any gold at that time no need to create any nuisance.

Nima Denzongpa Full Written Update

Manya is waiting for Paras and looks around the room she thinks that the room is bigger than our entire house. Paras comes along with her sister Babita, she teases her while leaving him. Paras asks her to go away. Paras takes off her veil and says I love you. Manya replies she loves her too. Paras says that he is quite fortunate that you are my wife. Paras says that I always want a life like this and now I am enjoying all this.

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Manya says that her mother is way too happy. Manya further asks if she is dreaming and then noticed Paras has slept. Rani, there is laughing downstairs at Maaji and asks how will you face the word. You have added servants in your relatives. Maaji says that things are going accordingly and you better stay out of this and hands her a ticket. Maaji then says that the ticket can be cancelled.

Maaji counters you will miss your elections ticket then. Manya then calls Nima and says that she is glad you were present at my marriage. Nima asks if she is happy Manya replies that she is happy. Later, Manya asks that she has to go for her job, Paras looks on. Tune in to Colors Tv at 9 PM and watch the complete episode.

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