Charms in Church: “I Was Told That Some Pastors Consult Native Doctors For Charms To Do Miracles” -Bishop Oyedepo

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David Oyedepo, the founder and Presiding Bishop of Winners’ Chapel, recently reminded his congregation that some pastors contact native doctors for charms that can be used to achieve miracles in the church.

He told them how two young men met one of his sons in the gospel and how one of them accompanied the other to a native doctor to get a charm done for them for miracles. Pastors visiting medicine men to collect miracle charms, according to Oyedepo, is “as terrible as that.”

Bishop Oyedepo who was speaking during the Church’s Covenant Day of Exemption Service said if it was possible the elect can be deceived by Satan and his agents.

“I was told that some Pastors consult native doctors to do charm for them to use for miracles in Church.

“Two young men met one of my sons in the gospel and said, “one took the other one to a medicine man to do charm for them for miracles.” Can you imagine Pastors consulting with native doctors: Say with me, the spirit of error,” Oyedepo said.

Bishop David Oyedepo disclosed this on Sunday during the 1st Service at Tabernacle when teaching on the topic: Engaging The Manifestation Of The Spirit For Supernatural Turnaround. Oyedepo further warned his church members to shun visiting native doctors and utilise the power of the Holy spirit.

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According to Church Gist which shared the message on their Facebook page, Oyedepo warned those in attendance never to allow the devil to deceive them that they don’t need the Holy Spirit. He told his audience that they need the help of the Holy Spirit in order to remain on the path of truth for life.

He informed his listeners that they need the help of the Holy Spirit in order for them to remain on the path of truth for life. He added that they can’t overcome the spirit of error without the Spirit of truth at work in them.


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