Cartel ‘put drugs inside baby found dead in prison to smuggle substances in’


A baby boy who was found dead in a bin at a notorious Mexican prison is believed to have been used to smuggle drugs inside the jail.

The body of the tragic infant was discovered by an inmate at the Centre for Social Reinsertion in Puebla, Mexico while they were searching for plastic bottles.

Local authorities have launched an investigation into the death as the child had a surgical incision in his abdomen, suggesting he had been used as a drug mule, Mexico News Daily reports.

Investigators claim the child was not born in prison and are working to uncover the baby’s identity, who was found dead on January 11.

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Puebla Governor Miguel Barbosa Huerta said: “The investigation will be handled with the secrecy necessary to uncover the truth, first determining where the child was born. Because he was not born in the prison.”

Mexican police are investigating to uncover the identity of the baby

Initial reports said the baby was approximately three-months-old, but the state government recently claimed he was as young as six days old.

The Puebla prison has been the subject of past human rights investigations and is notorious for having a history of gang violence, rioting, and allegations of official corruption.

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Reinserta, a Mexican organisation that says it ‘transforms lives marked b violence, released a statement saying that they “strongly condemn” the state government for the “heinous act”.

The local non-profit group believe the tragedy stems from corruption.

The organisation tweeted: “The authorities are completely overwhelmed and are complicit in the acts of corruption that are happening inside the prison.”

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The post contained a two-page document of their statement that also cited instances of prostitutes being smuggled inside the jail and rampant drug trafficking in the facility that has an official capacity of 2,100 but houses more than 3,000 inmates.

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Saskia Niño de Rivera, the co-founder of Reinserta, told news network Milenio that the government’s response to the baby’s death was “absurd.”

She added: “How can it be that the authorities didn’t realize that a minor entered—alive or dead—and then never came out of the prison?”


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