Caffeine and Cannabis, Are they Good for a Mix?

Caffeine and Cannabis, Are they Good for a Mix?

While stoning your joints, you may pair it up with a cup of coffee or other products packed with caffeine. Marijuana such as LA Kush Cake strain offers users a high that results from the THC interaction with the brain. Similarly, coffee and other caffeine products affect the normal running of the brain by acting as a stimulant.  

The caffeine and weed combo is one with a good body of research seeking to understand its impact on the human body. Researchers are interested in figuring out how two psychoactive compounds can react when administered simultaneously. 

Before discussing the combined effects of Caffeine and THC, it would be beneficial to look at them as separate compounds;

Caffeine’s Interaction with the Body

Most coffee makers can attest to the fact that there is an addictive impact of prolonged use. Coffee contains caffeine in large amounts in comparison to other products. Other caffeine-carrying foods include chocolate, tea, and other caffeinated drinks. 

Millions of people take in varying levels of it in a single day. Though it doesn’t generally affect everyone the same, some people have stronger effects. At its extreme levels, the psychoactive compound of caffeine may result in

  • Increased heart rates
  • Nausea
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
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Ultimately, how the compound affects an individual should determine the amount taken. 

Marijuana and its Effects on the Body

The THC and CBD components in cannabis affect the body in two distinctive ways. The first is what causes the head and body high characteristics of stoning. The other one calms the body and offers the medical capabilities of the plant. 

When smoking marijuana, it either acts as a stimulant or a depressant. There are instances you will smoke and get a rush of activeness and creativity and, in others, a general calmness. This depends on the strain of weed.

The Combined Result

In wondering does coffee ruin weed highs, you want to know whether any one of the stimulant compounds affects the others. Some people have relied on coffee to the point that they take the drink to stay awake throughout the night. In such a situation, you may find yourself simultaneously smoking a joint. 

Drinking coffee while high packs your body with the two vital components and their general effects. Research on rats shows that while taking high levels of caffeine, the rat’s short-term memory worsens when exposed to weed. Combining the two, the rats that had prior exposure to THC had exacerbated short-term memory loss. The coffee ends up activating the short-term memory effects of THC on the brain at larger levels. 

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Other than that, there is also the concept of balanced highs. The two work well with each other to produce a calming effect or a stimulating one. Some indications introducing Caffeine to THC in the body lead to increased potency. Your experience may differ each time, but it will be heightened as opposed to using a single drug.

Is it Safe to Take the Two Simultaneously?

Studies on the matter are ongoing even at this point. Scholars are interested in determining the level of safety of using the two psychoactive drugs. With this in mind, you may be wondering about the present. 

You can use your joints while drinking coffee without expecting drastic side effects. If you are not adapted to either drug, it is helpful to pace your use. Start with little amounts of coffee or marijuana and keep increasing as you wish. 

Also, when you start small and slowly advance the levels, you can curate the combined effect to what your body needs. Short-term memory loss may be a recurring problem, but your memory formation is restored after the high wear out. 

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The question of safety depends on what you want as a stoner. Are you willing to risk getting a combined high? And how much of a combined effect do you want? When you find the answers to those questions, you will be able to determine your dosage. 

Worth a Try?

Stoners are generally explorative. They want to have their cannabis in various forms to determine potency and other aspects. While exploring, you may have encountered the caffeine and weed discussion. As singular compounds, each affects the brain in its way. What about combining the two? Several people have already taken to this technique unknowingly. They have been mixing their weed and caffeinated drinks throughout the day while ignoring the effects. 

Research shows that the only major impact of the combination is short-term memory loss. Besides that, the high is more potent, and the calming effects as a depressant are more pronounced. 

Regardless of the general hype on the same, at the end of the day, you get to decide how balanced you want your two compounds hence controlling your high. 

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