Buhari Endorses ‘Stingy Men Association’ After Becoming a Member

Trending online are tweets and an SMAN I.D CARD with President Buhari’s photo on it.

The “Stingy Men Association” has come to stay, this was a tweet by SMAN and since then has generated reactions with members expressing their happiness.

SMAN was initiated by Music producer, Don Jazzy and has got fans and followers laughing on social media after he shared a funny identification card on his official Instagram page.

According to him, men in that association do not give out money no matter how little it is. Don Jazzy proceeded to share an ID card bearing his photo and his personal details.

The association is basically meant for men who are unwilling to spend money on not necessarily women alone, but anyone who seeks their financial help.

ID cards showing pictures and other details of the association’s members have been uploaded to social media with interested men enquiring about how to join and get their ID cards.

The association is believed to have been formed in Nigeria and has branches across various states of the country with branch executives.

In a tweet, Reno Omokri Has expressed his gratitude for the recognition ascribed to him by SMAN.

Judging from their motto which reads: “Let Me See What I Can Do”, men belonging to the “Stingy Men Association” will always give excuses whenever a woman or someone asks them for financial help.

SMAN has since then created some principles to guide their loyal members

  1. No dates, no birthday showers, no baby showers
  2. When she says, I miss you, I love you, reply a day later
  3. If she ask you for money or urgent 2k, block her and delete her number
  4. Dont ever send her transport money or airtime, you are not her father
  5. A stinger should fake a call to rush somewhere if she brings her friend during a date or shopping.
  6. Don’t offer to pick up your dates let her trek or take a bus
  7. When she ask for money, A man should say
  8. let me see what I can do
  9. I wish you had told me earlier
  10. I am expecting some money next week
  11. let me call you back
  12. I will let you know or any other excuses to avoid billing.


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