Every one of us faces an immense challenge during the dark days of this new normal as coronavirus ravages the world.

We have been recording high number of deaths and outbreaks all over the world.

Various lockdowns saw the restrictions carry a disproportionate weight for women.

So much so, UN Women has suggested Covid-19 could put gender equality back as much as 25 years.

And this wave has shown women being hit even harder – even physically as figures show they are more likely to die this time compared to the first wave.

So, from the risk of falling victim to domestic abuse, to bearing the brunt of childcare duties, here are 11 ways women feel the impact more greatly…

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This overwhelmingly became women’s work when the grip of lockdown first tightened.

When women managed to squeeze in paid work, for 47 per cent of those working hours they juggled childcare demands. Fathers only juggled for 30 per cent of the time.

There are fears the pattern could stick. UN Women Deputy Executive Director Anita Bhatia says this care inequality brings a “real risk of reverting to 1950s gender stereotypes.”

Domestic chores

As with childcare, when it came to the washing and cleaning generated at home, it was women who picked up the lion’s share.

Research from the ESRC International Centre for Lifecourse Studies at University College London, it was women who undertook 64 per cent of housework.

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More Covid unstable industries, like hospitality, are dominated by women and therefore, has laid off most of their workers.

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