Broke People’s Marriages’ — Lady Who Started “Hookup” At 15 Shares Her Story (VIDEO)

A stunning Nigerian woman who began hooking up at the age of 15 has resorted to social media to share her story about how her life changed after meeting a particular man.

This lady, whose name we have yet to learn, said that she got into the immaterially hook-up industry because of terrible influences, and she grew hooked to drugs and alcohol, but no one could stop her because her father was late.

She stated that her lifestyle shattered people’s marriages because of her selfish interests, but that her life changed after meeting a man who is now her would-be husband, and that she now has a new life in Christ as a daughter of Christ, and that the Lord is working wonders through her.

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According to her, how she met her man is very funny but she will tell the story of how she met him later. She expressed gratitude to the man for giving her life a new meaning.

Watch the video below; Check out some reactions below;

Those marriages you broke, I pray Karma doesn’t hit you. Sin no more sister.

Mission Viejo itobiloba

Na tinder girl! I remember this face those days when I was still in the world.. she charged me 15k for short time and 30k for TDB😢

order Neurontin over the counter elokaeloka

Leyin te ti ba ile Oba je ?😭😭. E wan fi orin barryjhay revive ara yin ? Walai isinku yin oni jere😂😂😂


You are very lucky. But you should not come out and be saying this again since you are born again. Don’t let people push ur husband to change towards u. Enjoy ur marriage and stay off internet. Olosho no be better work o. Either present or past


There are still men with very genuine mindset that sees prospects in women. May we find our own 🙏


Even olosho who are still in active service will come here to judge her , may God help and strengthen her not to backslide



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