Plenty of rumours are doing rounds on social media about the death of voice actress Britt Allcroft. Yes, the British producer has landed into news after her death rumours started to spread. Ever since it has become a subject of discussion if Britt Allcroft is dead or alive. People are left in wonderment regarding the same and eager to know what is the truth. We, we are here with all the details of the death hoax and how it came to light. You can find out what happened to her and why are the rumours spreading.

Britt Allcroft

Britt Allcroft started to trend on different social media platforms when her death rumours began to circulate on the internet. People started mourning the voice actress’ death and flooded the internet with condolence and heartfelt RIP messages. Now, you must be wondering where the news came from. Well, recently, Wikipedia updated the producer’s death on its page and declared her dead on 21st September 2021. However, it was later revealed that it was nothing but fake editing of Britt’s Wikipedia page by an anonymous. It shocked the netizens who started talking about her sudden demise through various posts and tweets.

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However, Britt Allcroft had cleared the rumours about her death hoax. She took to her Facebook account to clear the misunderstandings. As per reports, she replied to a Facebook comment and wrote that someone has falsely edited her Wikipedia page and spreading rumours of her death. Allcroft asked everyone not to believe everything they come across online. Soon after, the netizens started slamming the person who edited the page. Twitter user Taylor Kennedy wrote that death should not be taken as a joke and whoever edited that page has lost their mind. Another user wrote that Britt Allcroft is still alive and wondered who could be the person behind the editing.

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Born on December 14, 1943, in West Sussex, England, Britt Allcroft’s real name is Hilary Mary Allcroft. Besides being a voice artist and producer, Britt is also a writer and a director. She rose to fame for creating the popular children’s television series titled
“Thomas and Friends”, that garnered good responses from the viewers. Apart from that, Britt also created “Shining Time Station”. Currently, she is on the advisory council of Southern California Public Radio. Britt was married to Angus Wright with whom she got two children. However, the couple divorced and parted their ways later.

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