British nurse in Ukraine saw wreckage of Russian tank pointing gun at hospital

A brave British nurse volunteering in Ukraine has spoken about the terrifying moment they saw the wreckage of a Russian tank pointing its barrel at the hospital.

David Anderson was inside a hospital in Trostianets in eastern Ukraine when the place came under fire, with the nurse describing an “astounding” volume to the many hospitals filled with injured civilians.

David volunteers with frontline aid charity UK-Med and has also worked humanitarian missions in Lebanon, Maynmar and South Sudan.

There have been more than 130 attacks on healthcare facilities since Russia launched its invasion on Ukraine back in February, and David spotted what could have been a terrifying attack.

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David said he was very proud of the humanitarian aid provided by the UK to Ukraine

David said: “We walked into one hospital and they said that 200 were there but it felt like more. There were people with traumatic amputations, flesh burns, blast injuries. The volume is astounding.

“I find it unbelievable and depressing that a hospital would be deliberately attacked. I was shown round the wards and there was just devastation everywhere the tank shells had hit.”

The tank, which David, the charity’s humanitarian health advisor, spotted aiming its barrel at the hospital, is now being guarded as evidence of a war crime.

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David has been in Ukraine since March 14 and says he is proud that the UK is at the forefront of international support for Ukraine.

The tank is now being guarded as a potential piece of war crime evidence
The tank is now being guarded as a potential piece of war crime evidence

He said: “I’ve never been involved in a crisis like this that is so close to home. You’re used to humanitarian deployments to conflict zones in Africa but I never expected to be doing this work in Europe.

“The spectre of war in Europe has not been something we’ve really had to consider in our lifetime.

“People are going on stag or hen weekends to Bucharest or Warsaw or booking holidays to the Balkans or Turkey and just a couple of hundred miles away you have this terrible thing unfolding.

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“Everything we do is taking a strain off the Ukrainian health system to help them cope with the horrific conveyor belt of war wounded.”

David has pledged to “stay as long as it takes,” Daily Record reported.

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