Actor Blossom Chukwujekwu Jilts Wife, Moves On With Allegedly Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend Actress Lilian Esoro

The Marriage between actor Blossom Chukwujekwu and Maureen Esisi which held in 2016 appears to be a scam of some sort as insiders allege he married his wife Maureen with his heart in pieces after his girlfriend Lilian Esoro dumped him and married Ubi Franklin…

As you read this,you can take it to the Bank that Blossom has packed ALL his things and left his Matrimonial home for good..He moved out 3 weeks ago and has informed Maureen Esisi’s parents that he is no longer Interested in Marrying their beautiful daughter…

According to confirmed insider whispering,The Couple had problems conceiving and just when Family decided to help them out with IVF,he moved out……
It is whispered that their inability to conceive was not because they had problems but because ‘When she is ovulating he moves out until Ovulation has passed and then he returns”

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Blossom has also blocked Maureen on all social media and on whats app and phone calls and.his family members have also blocked Maureen-they are supporting their sons move.

Over the months,Maureen has flooded her social media handle telling of their beautiful Marriage with fans ”Awwwwwing” and ”Ohhhhhing” with several tapping into their blessings.

Why is all this happening?

It is whispered that Blossom and his ex girlfriend Lilian Esoro have gotten back together and the actress is pregnant for him.

Blossom is currently not available to any of his friends and there are whispers he moved in with Lilian

SDK Blog in line with verifying stories contacted actress Lillian Esoro and she sounded shocked and denied all the allegations…

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She Says ”Please i am not with Blossom and we have not spoken for sometime since our last movie…I am not pregnant for him..Jesus Christ,is that how one gets pregnant?I am really shocked…Please leave me out of this story,I am not involved..Whoever involved me in this story must be joking
I am not pregnant for anyone,maybe its another Lilian.Blossom is not staying with me!”


Source; SDK BLOG


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