Bloke’s predicament after building secret strip club in home he shares with wife

A man selling his home with a strip club in the basement says he does not understand why no one has bought it yet.

Brad Kohlmeyer who owns a home interior crafts company in Indianapolis, Indiana, US, listed the unassuming five-bedroom property in May last year for the equivalent of £590,000.

Located in a quiet Geist cul-de-sac, the house boasts a large swimming pool, games room with a bar and of course a nightclub primed for exotic dancing.

People were stunned by the secret spot in the basement after pictures of the home were shared online.

Brad told Indianapolis Monthly: “I have done large basement projects at Geist for customers with bars, but none have asked for a ‘dance room.’

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Brad decided it would be fun to install two poles and a disco ball

“This was my own idea, with my wife’s blessing, as a novelty addition to our bar makeover project.

“The dance room was just a fun, quirky little project that I put together for controversy, really. I thought it would be funny to add black lights and a mirrorball with tacky velvet curtains and gold tassels.”

In a recent interview though nine months later, Brad says the home is still on the market despite him telling potential buyers that the poles he fitted can be easily removed.

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Next to the pole dancing room is a bar and pool table
Next to the pole dancing room is a bar and pool table

Brad explained how easily the seedy looking room can be converted back to a family friendly space.

After showing just half a dozen of people around since deciding to sell the house, none have committed with their cash.

He added: “You could take the disco mirrorball down, and with a slight amount of additional remodelling, it could be turned into a conventional game room or whatever you wanted it to be.

Everywhere else in the house is as smart as you'd expect from an expensive suburban home
Everywhere else in the house is as smart as you’d expect from an expensive suburban home

“It depends on who’s looking,” Kohlmeyer says.

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“I let potential buyers know that the stage and poles are easily removable. I left the original carpet and baseboards intact below. But several have said ‘No, I wouldn’t be removing anything.’”

The homeowner does however admit that he is in no hurry to sell and the lack of interest may also be down to him not using the services of an estate agent.

The dining room looks like it belongs in a different building to the basement
The dining room looks like it belongs in a different building to the basement

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One person commented on the home’s listing: “Business in the front, party in the back.”

Another added: “I live just across the border in Illinois. That may really be the hottest club in Indiana.”

“Ultimate house for introverts, you can go out and stay in at the same time!” A third commented.


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