Bloke smokes six joints and ‘trims’ own penis with scissors in drug ‘psychosis’

A man has chopped off his penis with scissors after triggering a frightening episode of psychosis from smoking weed.

The unlucky 23-year-old bloke from Thailand had quit his two-year cannabis habit before relapsing two months later, resulting in an accident that saw him amputate his entire member.

A medical journal describes how the unnamed man had begun to feel pain and discomfort in the sex organ two hours after he ingested two bongs (2g) of cannabis, which is the equivalent of six joints.

He experienced an erection without being sexually aroused, and began to believe that his glans looked distorted.

He had inhaled two bongs of weed before chopping off his own genitals after experiencing a surprise erection

Aiming to end the pain and what he thought was an issue with his genitals, the young man then took a pair of scissors and began ‘trimming’ the skin at the end of his penis.

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But in a horror mishap he ended up chopping the whole of his penis off, leaving him bleeding profusely.

He took himself into hospital two hours later to seek help when the blood loss continued.

However, doctors were unable to save his penis as it was too damaged to reattach, with the segment that had been amputated also contaminated by ants.

Writing up the case study in the Journal of Medical Case Reports, Dr Theerapon Tangsuwanaruk said: “The distal penis was deemed too dirty and fragile for reconstruction.

“The amputated distal part of the penis was contaminated with ants and had fragile dorsal veins.”

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No evidence was found of other drug use, say docs
No evidence was found of other drug use, say docs

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The man was left with a stump about 2cm (0.78 inches) in length.

The journal found that a diagnosis of cannabis-induced psychosis had been given because he began to develop to develop delusions and hallucinations began after using the substance. No evidence was found of other drug use.

Doctors writing in the journal noted that 100 cases of substance-induced psychosis which resulted in mutilation of one’s own genitals have been recorded in the last 20 years.

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They added that the likelihood of developing psychosis during cannabis use is directly related to the levels of THC present in the drug.