Bloke having sex with ‘own sister kills her for sleeping with someone else’

A man who was having sex with his own sister killed her in a fit of rage after she slept with someone else, police say.

Jose Manuel Guzman, 32, was arrested on February 3 after he had beat his sister to death with a baseball bat the previous day in El Paso, Texas, USA.

The 32-year-old who was born in Guatemala, but moved as a toddler, recently discovered he had a biological sister – who has not been named – who moved in with him.

Shortly after, they began having a sexual relationship, but a day before the killing, the siblings got into an argument with Guzman allegedly punching his sister, knocking out a tooth.

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He is being held in custody on a $1million bond

According to Assistant District Attorney John Briggs, the 32-year-old told detectives that he awoke on the day of the homicide feeling like someone had been in his house and learned that his sister had had sex with a male friend while he was asleep.

Guzman, who works in landscaping, allegedly proceeded to kill his sister by hitting her with a “massage instrument” on the forehead and multiple times with a baseball bat.

Afterward, Guzman phoned his mother, who called the authorities after he told her what happened.

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He was trying to clean up after the bloodshed when he heard sirens approach and decided to flee the scene, before being arrested the next day.

Guzman confessed to killing his sister in a three-hour video-recorded interview in English and Spanish with sheriff’s detectives, Briggs said.

During the interview, the Guatemalan national allegedly said that he would smoke marijuana and methamphetamine every day.

Guzman is a suspected drug dealer out on bond awaiting trial on other cases, including allegedly breaking a man’s arm with a baseball bat and smashing his car’s windows in 2017.

He is currently being held in custody on a $1million (£735,000) bail while awaiting trial.

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