Bizarre Video Of A Pastor Bathing Female Congregants Gets Social Media Talking

Screenshots from the video (Photo Credit: Twitter)


A bizarre video of a prophet bathing female congregants during New Year’s Cross Overnight service has got social media talking.

The Pastor whose identity is not yet known claims the holy spirit directed him to do so. He added that bathing the female congregants will cleanse them and make them pure and holy.

Pastor Bathing Female Congregants
Pastor bathing congregants


In the video which has taken over the internet,  some young ladies can be seen taking turns to get bathed by the pastor in the full view of everyone.


The video and pictures circulating online have left many baffled.  Commenting on the video some tweeps bemoaned how some women are still gullible and desperate. Some tweeps, however, came to the pastor’s defence arguing that the pastor did not force anyone as such the women in the video did so willingly.

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Here are some of the reactions;


Guys this is so wrong!!! Who are these pastors and why are they allowed to continue doing this to our gullible born again Christians. I hate this so much

General Motsomi

How desparate are our black women and girls..getting undressed in front of the congregation and the so called priest holding the punani to their satisfaction claiming to be the healing process..wake up ladies and restore your dignity..


Don’t understand our women really. Just imagine a pastor bathing someone’s wife.


This foreign religion that came through in 1952 had expropriated other natives without compensation, I’m okay with Isambulo sama Afrika


These are consenting adults. So the preacher is doing what he wants and what these ladies like and want and are consenting to and are comfortable with!!! Next…

Brandy OB

So what..? Unless they’re under duress it’s their choices too to be bathed, even ko kasi we do bath ko bo MmeMamprofeta with that white chicken blood, such is a black person’s life.


It’s clear that some preachers are doing what they do for to fulfill selfish desires. But I will leave it all to God.


At some point we need to blame the ppl who don’t read the bible. Jesus washed the disciples feet and refused to wash body. He said to Peter, the word washed his body.


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