Bill Gates details how ex-wife Melinda ‘killed’ him in £100billion divorce

Bill Gates says his ex-wife “killed” him by keeping their dog as part of their £100bn fortune split.

The mega-rich Microsoft founder’s divorce from wife of 27 years Melinda was confirmed last August, but only now has he revealed how their wealth has been divided.

Unlike Melinda in a recent interview, Bill claims the pair have remained friends even if she kept the family dog as he joked people should know how “mistreated” he has been in the settlement.

The world’s fourth richest person revealed in an interview with The Sunday Times how deciding who got what was a “fair” process.

The couple will continue to run the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Bill said: “She got the dog. She just killed me with that. No, I’m kidding. The world should know how mistreated I was. No, I’m kidding. We weren’t mean to each other.”

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He added that he is grieving for their marriage during which they raised Jennifer, 26, Rory, 22, and Phoebe, 19.

“I would say that,” Bill replied to a question about remaining friends with Melinda. “In an interview she chose not to use that word, but I’ll use it.

“We have a, you know, super important, complex, close relationship where we’ve chosen to work together. And I’m very happy that we get to work together.

Melinda and Bill Gates
Melinda won the decision to keep their beloved pet dog

“I’m also grieving the same way she is. Yes. You know, we grew up together. When I got married, yeah, Microsoft was a big deal.

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“But I was a young 38-year-old and she was a mature 28-year old [when they married], and over those next few years, in terms of what we learnt together, what went well, what didn’t go well… I mean, that’s more than half my adult life.”

The way in which their estimated $133bn (£103bn) has been shared means neither will lost out Bill said and they spoke more about their philanthropy.

Melinda Gates
Melinda refused to say she and Bill were friends in an interview earlier this year

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Bill was pleased to confirm he still has his “super nice” house.

Gates has been accused of cheating on Melinda in the past but refused to answer any questions about his alleged affairs, one of which his spokeswoman confirmed happened in 2000.

After publicly announcing their decision to go their separate ways in May last year, Bill and Melinda put pen to paper on completing the divorce in Washington three months later.