In Nigeria, organ trafficking is already on the rise, especially in Lagos, Uyo, and Abuja. Whistleblowers have contacted our reporters to educate and disseminate information about the growing problem of organ trafficking in Nigeria. According to a few Nigerians who spoke to our reporters, “organ trafficking” is on the rise in the country. Lagos, Abuja, and Uyo are among the cities where organ traffickers work.

According to the first source, during a meeting with NAPTIP’s DG in Abuja, it was revealed that some airport officials allow organ traffickers to transfer organs from Nigeria to Malaysia without being questioned.

“I Had a meeting in Abuja with the DG of NapTip, do you know the airport officials freely let organs leave Nigeria every day. Some whistle-blower at the airport had sent them a video one time,” the first source says.
Another source said that a friend was kidnapped in Lagos last week and they started demanding her genotype and blood group. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the right or requested blood group and genotype, the organ traffickers only robbed her and let her go.
“There is an organ harvesting ring in Lagos right now. My friend was abducted last week and they were asking her genotype and blood group. She was later dropped of after being robbed,” second source says.
The third source and whistle-blower say that these Villeneuve-sur-Lot organ traffickers are currently running an organ harvesting business in Nigeria. What they do is to seek people who are desperate and lure them to be killed.
“They are running an organ harvesting business in Nigeria. They sought people who are desperate and lure them to be killed. Please be safe y’all,” the third source says.
The fourth source revealed who they use in carrying out their evil deeds. According to 4th source, they (organ traffickers) use travel agents to lure people to their den.
They use travel agents !!!!
“travel and work in Jordan within 10 days” If u fall for it, you are gone.
Permanent residence in Bosnia, Bulgaria, Azerbajan etc. ” Runaway bro/sis.” Noonenmay hear from you again. let him who has ear,” the fourth source says.
The final source says that the fact no one has talked about this is still shocking. According to the source, said there was a taped or recorded video that captured what these organ traffickers do and their home base in Malaysia.
“I am shocked that no one has talked about this. I saw a video that still has me cringing till this day
 Malaysia is their home base,” the final source says.


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